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The Consult


  1. A formal tête-`a-tête with another health care professional
  2. A meeting where advice is sought or given
  3. A sit-down where members deliberate together

This year marks the college’s 125th anniversary, a milestone that invites us all to reflect on our legacy. It is also a moment to contemplate what has made the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine unique — not just as at an institutional level, but at a personal one.

To do this, we want to capture the human moments — the stories, connections and mentorships that make up the fabric of the college.

 “The Consult” not only tells these stories, but lets our community members do the telling. Alumni, faculty and students have come together to contemplate important moments in their lives and careers.

We bring those discussions to you — in print, audio and occasionally video — through our digital version of ’Scopes.

We hope these stories inspire dreams and instill pride — and remind everyone that what truly makes our college great are our people.

All Worthwhile

Steve Ettinger, D.V.M. ’64
Julio Lopez, D.V.M. ’08

Steve Ettinger, D.V.M. ‘64, is considered a pioneer in veterinary cardiology and internal medicine — he has mentored Julio Lopez, D.V.M. ’08, who also specialized in internal medicine, since Lopez was an undergrad and worked as a technician in Ettinger’s clinic at the California Animal Hospital in Los Angeles. Ettinger encouraged Lopez to apply to Cornell, and the two alumni now share their mutual appreciation of the college to this day. Lopez had the chance to ask Ettinger to reflect on his life as a veterinarian, and the highs and lows of their chosen profession. 

A Belated Thank You

Dr. Nelly Farnum
Carol Gamez, D.V.M. ’91

Carol Gamez, D.V.M. ’91, was the first personin her family to attend college. When she began her D.V.M. program at CornellUniversity’s College of Veterinary Medicine, she struggled in her first-yearanatomy class, taught by Dr. Cornelia Farnum. This challenge sparked an actfrom Farnum that would change Gamez’s life forever. In this conversation, thetwo women talk for the first time since their days as professor and student.

Honoring a Memory

Malcom Kram, D.V.M. ’74, 
Gillian Lawrence, D.V.M. 19 

The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the first veterinary programs to offer a scholarship dedicated to LGBTQ students. This is thanks to Malcom Kram, D.V.M. ’74, who established the Anna and Hyman Greenberg Scholarship in 2005 to honor his grandparents. Fourth-year student Gillian Lawrence is the recipient of this scholarship for the Class of 2019. She and Kram spoke about its impact and what has changed in veterinary medicine since his time at the college. 

‘Scopes cover photo features Carol Gamez, D.V.M. ’91. Photo credit: Robert J. Cummings.

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